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About Us

McNeill Company, Inc. was founded by W. B. McNeill, Jr. in Tallahassee, Florida during September 1964 as a sole proprietorship entity.  We began selling, installing and servicing aerobic secondary treatment plants in a 25-county area in 1966.  In 1970 we began manfacturing our own pre-engineered wastewater treatment plants.  Over the years, we gained a reputation as an industry innovator, first with small package treatment plants and later in municipal designs know as the "QUAD" & the "HEXA-DITCH" models.  Each cost effective, low maintenance, and easily expandable.

Growing Success

Over the next four years we began manufacturing a line that consisted of:

• Precast Concrete Sanitary Sewer Manholes
• Precast Concrete Wet Wells
• Complete Line of Lift Stations which included Airlift Eductors, Flooded Suction, Suction Lift, & Submersible Types

In 1970, we moved on to manufacturing and installing secondary and tertiary treatment plans of our design with marking outside of Florida and the United States. Since creating our system, we have installed more 1,200 wastewater treatment plants in areas that range from the Haiti, the Bahamas, Africa and to other states in the U.S.

A Superior Product Line

Our wastewater treatment systems utilize ingenious design and high-grade materials to provide unbeatable value to our clients.  With durable concrete and stainless steel, our builders ensure that much of your plant stays attractive for years with little maintenance needed.

These materials do not degrade in any climate or atmospheric condition, making them very suitable in a salt-water environment.  All models of our plants are constructed in accordance with ASTM and ACI Codes for sanitary structure, and meet EPA and State Regulations.

Continued Growth

As early as 1974, our company has won contracts even when we aren't the lowest bidder thanks to the unprecedented energy saving properties of our designs. We've emphasized the efficiency of our operations and superior process performance as highlights of our company for decades. From public bids to golf courses and other green areas, our company has been hired extensively to create the most energy and cost cutting designs.  Read more about our history here.

A Brief History of McNeill Company, Inc. and McNeill Water and Wastewater, Inc.

McNeill Company History

W. B. McNeill, Jr., founded the McNeill Company, in Tallahassee, Florida, as a sole proprietorship in September 1964, and in October 1968, the company was incorporated, as The McNeill Company, Inc. under the laws of the State of Florida.

Known in the industry as an “Innovator”, our original product line consisted of small anaerobic treatment systems for homes, mobile home parks and subdivisions.  In 1966, The McNeill Company, Inc. began selling, installing and servicing aerobic secondary treatment plants in a twenty-five county area.

During the next four years, we began manufacturing a line of precast concrete sanitary sewer manholes, precast concrete wet wells and a complete line of lift stations, which include airlift eductors, flooded suction, suction lift and submersible types.

In 1970, we began manufacturing and installing secondary and tertiary treatment plants of our own design; we also began marketing outside of Florida and the United States. We have plants operating in the countries of Haiti and the Bahamas and throughout the Southeastern United States.

Since we began manufacturing the McNeill System, we have built and installed over eight hundred wastewater and potable water treatment plants.

First and foremost, the McNeill System uses durable concrete or stainless steel for the construction of our plants.  Concrete or Stainless Steel needs little or no maintenance and stays attractive for years.  It does not deteriorate in any climate or atmospheric condition.  Concrete or Stainless Steel is especially advantageous when a wastewater treatment plant is needed in a salt air environment.

Our smaller plants are constructed of modular precast concrete tanks/stainless steel or in some cases constructed of painted carbon steel and the larger plants are poured-in-place on the jobsite.  The "MODULAR" plants are constructed at our plant in Toccoa, Georgia and then shipped to the job site. Re-locatability is an advantage of a McNeill "MODULAR" plant.  We have records of one particular precast concrete plant that has been used in three different locations with a minimum of expense.

The built-in-place plants, our "QUAD" and "HEXA-DITCH", are constructed of poured-in-place concrete.  All plants are designed and constructed in accord with ASTM and ACI Codes for sanitary structures.

Expandability is one of the main advantages of a McNeill plant, and it is certainly one of the most important when a project is being built in phases. The "QUAD" and "HEXA-DITCH" both utilize common wall design, and all McNeill plants can be expanded at a lower cost per gallon than the original phase, especially when the expansion is planned.  This important feature allows the facility to grow as the capacity needs grow.

Energy Savings is another main advantage of the McNeill plant.  As early as 1974, McNeill Company Inc. has been awarded municipal plant contracts when not the low bidder, based on energy savings.  Since 1974 McNeill has been awarded several other Public Bid Projects, when not the low bidder, due to energy savings and lower maintenance.  The McNeill plants can often provide a savings of 50% to 70% of the energy costs.

Efficiency of the operations and superior process performance continues to be a highlight of the McNeill plant design.  Since the early 1970's McNeill plants have been used extensively when the effluent disposal was totally to golf courses and other green space areas.  High profile projects such as the Marriott World Center at Buena Vista and the Grenelefe Racquet and Country Club in central Florida have benefited from the use of McNeill plants with the effluent going to golf courses and green space areas.  McNeill has more experience providing plants when the effluent goes to beneficial reuse than any other manufacturer.

Experience is the biggest factor going for the McNeill System.  Our people who have operated wastewater treatment facilities design our plants, and we are not content with designing the best system, but through innovative thinking and research, we will continue to produce the best system available for any particular need.  Our supervisory personnel in the fabrication, installation and engineering departments have been with us since we started designing and installing the McNeill System.

Savings in Maintenance is a strong factor in the McNeill design.  The 2001expansion of a plant for the Town of Branford, Florida, originally built in 1975 demonstrated the low maintenance and long life of the McNeill "QUAD" utilizing structural aluminum and stainless steel hardware.

Savings in Construction Cost is another major factor associated with the McNeill "QUAD" and "HEXA-DITCH" designs.  Savings of 30 to 40% on structures and 75 to 90% of the yard and process piping are realized due to the common wall concrete construction.  With this unique design of our plants, we can maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace and in most cases; we actually give more capacity for the same dollar investment.

McNeill experience is far broader than as an equipment manufacturer.  As a manufacturer we have assembled design/build teams since the mid 1980's with the largest project being near Disney World in Florida, which was a $15.0 million project that included a 1.5 MGD "HEXA-DITCH", remodeling of an existing 1.5 MGD plant, 6 miles of force main and lift stations and an effluent disposal system.  A recent project included a design/build &/or finance project which included a 500,000 GPD "QUAD", 10 miles of piping, 5 lift stations and 200 acre effluent disposal system.  The project cost was $3.97 million and a schedule of 13 months including permitting.  The project was completed within the budget, on time and there were no change orders.

McNeill Company Inc. is not an engineering firm and is not a general contractor. When assembling a design/build team or joining a design/build team it is normal for a local Consulting Engineering Firm to provide all project design and permitting and for a General Contractor to perform the overall project construction.  McNeill will assist in the preliminary evaluation and feasibility studies of potential design/build projects without any cost to the party assembling the design/build team.

McNeill Water & Wastewater, Inc.

In 2001, W. B. McNeill, Jr. established McNeill Water and Wastewater, Inc. a new Georgia Corporation, in Toccoa, Georgia.  The original intent was for this to be a centralized office for the purpose of marketing McNeill products, primarily around the Southeastern part of the country.  The office was established in Toccoa, W. B. McNeill, Jr. started spending most of his time working out of the Toccoa office.

In the 2002 Fiscal Year, the decision was made to cease manufacturing in the Tallahassee facility and to outsource the fabrication of all fabricated items and precast concrete items using Toccoa based fabricators.   This was partly prompted by the unfriendly climate in Florida toward industry and the last straw was an increase in Worker Compensation by 374% in one year, after having no WC claims for years.  The production was relocated and this allowed a tremendous reduction in operating costs and allowed management to devote more time to marketing.

The result of the above changes basically swapped roles with the two locations, with Cecil Henley, Sr. V.P., Marketing Director, located in Tallahassee, responsible for the marketing, technical work, estimating, purchasing, etc. and with W. B. “Sonny” McNeill, Jr. managing all outsourcing and overseeing the production by suppliers and to coordinate the shipping and overview of the installation by outside contractors.  This afforded a substantial reduction of the combined Operating Costs.

The General “Quality Control” Superintendent, for McNeill, is James “Jackie” Kent, who has been with McNeill, for over 35 years, was relocated to Toccoa and provides backup for service and installation advice to contractors installing the equipment McNeill provides for the jobs. In 2005 Jackie Kent oversaw the construction and installation of a wastewater treatment plant in Glenwood Springs, Colorado which was the first plant sold by McNeill totally utilizing the internet.

McNeill Water & Wastewater, Inc. and McNeill Company, Inc., began a new fiscal year on September 1, 2005 with the largest backlog of contracts in the 40+ year history of the company 2006 maintained the same pace and 2007 continues with a similar pace.